Broken Mountain Studios
Illustrations and Designs
Currently we are under construction. Broken Mountain Studios is a freelance art buisness. I am a full-time freelance artist in Orlando, FL. I am adaptable to any type of artwork needed and have a great knowledge of softline and hardline items. - I am an expert in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I work in a Mac format, but am aware and can make files available for a Windows based computer. - I have worked for directors and also headed projects, leading up to five freelancers at a time. - I am familiar working with product developers and/ or buyers. I can communicate with local or over sea vendors. - I have over 20 years + experience in retail/ consumer product artwork and activity book artwork. - I can work with budget and timelines. Communication is always key, so I am available even on weekends. My clients are in almost every time zone, so I can always be reached on my cell. Please eMail me for your art needs!

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